The Importance Of Image In The Professional World

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They say a picture tells a thousand words and I couldn’t agree more – there is nothing more striking and intimate than a head shot of a person. It gives unrivalled insight and instigates, rightly or wrongly, first impressions to the viewer.


This is why getting your professional image right is so important as it can be vital to your reputation, your progression and your professional relationships.


I work with a large number of businesses on their staff profile images. These businesses range from a sole business owner to a multi-faceted company with several layers of hierarchy. I love working with these individuals, who are all equal in front of the camera, and bring their character to the surface to capture their perfect professional shot.


Often working with the CEO / MD level is the most interesting as it’s my job to capture both their gravitas but also their human side, which can often be a challenge to get them to open up. To tackle this, I ensure we are always in a relaxed environment and state to capture them at their best and I’m pleased to say my results so far have always been very well received.


Sadly, we’ve all seen the not-so-great professional shot. And from it we’ve made judgement about that person, their character and their professionalism. We don’t even do it intentionally, it’s an innate human instinct. A lot of the time it’s not the subjects’ fault – they have been badly positioned, been put in a bad environment or background and not been made to feel at ease. All of these factors that can severely impact getting the right shot.


And then we meet that person in the bad shot and they’re totally different to how we have perceived them and our previous impressions from that image are changed. But how about the hundreds of people we don’t meet that we’ve judged due to their one shot? The people we don’t get a chance to alter our preconceived impression of them and that we’ve written off due to a poorly presented professional shot.


This just reiterates just how powerful and important the professional image is.



My love is people - capturing their essence on camera and making sure they are doing themselves justice in their professional capacity. Through years of experience, I know how to light them, how to stage them and what to look for to get the best shots of them that they love.


The biggest thing that people need to remember when being photographed is to just be themselves as authenticity and approachability is what people react to. So, wear something you would wear to work, have your hair and make-up as you normally do and if you normally wear glasses, wear them for your photo (just give them a good clean!). Natural authenticity is the name of the game in really representing your best professional self and showing the world who you are and what you represent.


Could I help you with your professional head shots? I work with individuals and large teams on bringing to life their professional image to represent themselves and their brands.