The Power of the Team Photo

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Now more than ever, there is a demand from clients to see the people behind the brand and for potential and existing partners to witness that real people work at your company. The days of a single brand figure head are somewhat behind us as brands are recognising that teams as a united front is where success lies.

Still many companies don’t put a face to a name. They merely list contacts and departments which, in my opinion, is huge wasted opportunity.

Having images next to the names makes clients feel at ease and allows them to emotionally invest in the brand and the people behind it. It also allows a vital human face allowing more connection, personality and engagement than a name ever could. Better still, offering a team image of the whole staff force gives dynamicity and gravitas to the brand and the feeling of clients being in a safe pair of hands.

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Through my work I am lucky enough to spend time with amazing teams who work together day in and day out. While I'm working with teams I spend a few minutes to have a chat and find out a little bit more about their role in the company, how long they have been working there and what they do. It is important to work out the hierachy to create dynamic group images.


Hence it's not just a matter of lining the team up, pointing and shooting. There are a lot of factors that go in to getting the professional, yet approachable, team shot and insight on behalf of the photographer.


I look for synergy, stance and aesthetic in the subjects and always research and choose a background that compliments the brand. I work with my clients closely to understand their brand, what they offer and their objectives for their images – is it to attract new clients, offer a fresher look/feel, improve their approachability, create shots for their press and PR and social media – and is it all of the above?


Often modern offices and workspaces offer great light or/and building design with interesting features that tie in with the brand, so it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the company its own surroundings. I often work in small tight spaces which can work just as well!


I work closely with my clients to ensure that they get the shots they need and the look they want. Once the brand sees how they beneficial these images are in connecting with their old, new and present clients by showing authenticity and personality, they often wonder out loud to me why didn’t they invest in them sooner.

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As well as the regular team headshots, and team group photographs, I also offer internal 'at work' photographs of your business, an opportunity to showcase how your team works together. These images are a popular addition to company rebrands, and perfect for your website and social media campaigns.


Could you and your team benefit from new images? Hop over to my dedicated Team Photo page for more information, and I would love to hear from you and chat about how I can create the best images for to represent your brand in the best possible way.


A big thanks to London based boutique interior design and property styling company Ademchic for allowing me to use the images from their shoot as a showcase in this article.