Why I'm Here...

Photo courtesy of my great friend Lucy Williams

Photo courtesy of my great friend Lucy Williams


Hi, and welcome to my spanking new blog and website!


This has been a huge labour of love for me and a very personal project as it has seen me return to my first love, environmental portraits.


My life as a photographer has been ever-evolving and little did I know when I graduated with my Photo Journalism degree from LCC back in 2009 - where I was so shy that I managed almost three years without photographing a single person – that nearly ten years on, I would be showcasing an array of work with people at its core.


I cut my teeth out there in the real world photographing weddings, which I still do to this day, as it taught me so much more than a university course ever did as I had to learn on my feet and get it right first time.  So many people say to me that it must be so stressful photographing weddings as you only have one chance to get it right but weirdly I enjoy the adrenaline, and I don't feel the stress as much. However, if I get a huge commission to photograph a lot of people (as I have in a few weeks), I’m a bag of nerves! It is good to be nervous though because it keeps you on your toes!


Throughout my career I was a regular at London Fashion Week capturing behind the scenes stories of fashion and beauty shoots, films and glitzy events which was fantastic and a great way to really hone my trade and apply my skills to produce some amazing photography (as well as hearing a fair bit of gossip to boot!)


But, I always was really drawn to the more personable and humanistic side to photography and fascinated by how, through image, you can really capture someone’s essence and soul. So, in 2016, I made the deliberate shift to personal branding shots for creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, among others. What fascinated me was having the challenge of really bringing their brand to life through their own image and their own story and capturing what made them, them.


Going back to my roots photographing photojournalistic- style environmental portraits has been a great move for me. This is what I enjoy the most as I get a deep sense of personal satisfaction from not only capturing these people on camera but creating a connection beforehand to understand their ethos and values which help me hugely on the shoot.


I pride myself on creating something interesting and unique for each of my clients, always with their brand and personality at the heart. My style I feel (and have been kindly told) is a mixture of professional, yet friendly, as the best results are always achieved when the subject (and photographer) is relaxed and at ease.


I’m hugely excited to be focusing on this side of my business and I hope you’ll join me along for the ride! I will be blogging regularly, sharing my tips, insight, work, creative inspiration and thoughts and will be sending out a monthly newsletter that I’d love you to sign up for on my homepage. Also, please do let me know if you or anyone you know could benefit from my services. All my packages and info are on my Pricing page.


Here’s to the adventure!


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